Randa Beauty Clinic

Randa Beauty Clinic is a medical clinic concerned with everything related to skin conditions, rejuvenation and beauty.


ilnic has been serving our patients since 2011 till now.Number of clinic fans on facebook has reached 118000 by the end of 2015. Downloads of our regular articles in websit has reached more than 1 million downloads in 4 years. Our aim is to give the highest qualities of treatment with reasonable prices.


Randa Mohamed Saad
Masters degree in Dermatology, Venereollogy & Andrology, Faculty of medicine, Alexandria University.
Specialist in chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal and aesthetics.
Fellow of Duplin University, Irland.

Hair Care

Clinic is specialized in treatment of all hair problems, including diffuse hair fall,alopecia and splitted hair using the latest techniques like stem cell and growth factors injection.

Skin Care

All skin conditions as acne, scars, wrinckles, melasma and rejuvination are treated with the latest international courses , giving highest success results.

Medical Sessions

Botox, filler, threads, lasers and mesotherapy are used in treatment of skin and hair conditions according to individual patient needs.

Randa Beauty Clinic, All the flavor of being a woman

Our Clients results Infographic

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Hair Care

We have reached success rate in treatment of diffuse hair fall reaching 95% in 2015 using differt treatment courses.

Skin Care

Treatment of dark hallows with laser has achived amazing curing results reaching 90% in 2015.

Medical Treatment

Botox, fillers and stem cell injections have satisfied our patients need according to their opinion in more than 90% of cases.

Laser Waxing

Laser hair removal and rejuvination has achived success rates reaching 95% of all treated cases in 2015.

People Behind the Curtain

Meet the creative heads behind all success 🙂

Ebthal Hamdy


Nashaat Mohamed


Marwa Gamal


Mahmoud Sadany