Facial multifunctional beauty machines: types and uses


Facial multifunctional beauty machines: types and uses

Facial skin care and showing that  it is pure and attractive is one of the most important demands for every girl and woman on the face of the earth and encourage girls to experience all the new treatments ,masks ,lotions and cosmetic services that can help them to have the best and most beautiful skin ever.

And it became very difficult to distinguish between the right ways that can help you to reach a satisfactory result for skin care and between those wrong techniques that may harm the skin to far.

The skin care device in its different forms  is one of the most popular devices in all countries of the world and is used on a monthly basis to take advantage of its features and to maintain the purity and glory of the  skin and remove dead cells on a regular basis.

Many of the girls hurry to try  skin care devices which are available in beauty salons and cosmetic clinics although they can’t  distinguish between different types of these devices and how to benefit from them and how often they should be used.

And what increases the complexity of the problem that many people who work on these devices are not trained them in a scientific  way and so they deal with all kinds of skin the same way without discrimination, leading to complications like a girl  can complained from an infection  or the appearance of acne on her face after doing the facial sesssion.

And for this, it is better that you recognize the types of these devices and which one suits  your skin to appear better and also to know how to choose the right place for such procedures.

First you have to know that facial cells have a turnover every 28 day and if you neglect to remove the dead cells ( through scrubbing or deep cleaning ) , this will result in harming yoir skin and it will look tired and exhausted.

also , negligence in removing make-up on a daily basis and not to remove excess fat from the skin (especially girls with oily and mixed skin ) leads to the appearance of pimples and black heads and  skin pores widening.

Skin facial machine should be  integrated with  most if not all coming accessories so that it can address the skin deeply and deal with various problems of the skin of all kinds:

Hot steamer and Ozone:

it works on the evaporation of distilled water and direct steam until the skin is worm enough to facilitate  cleaning the pores and remove excess fat in  addition to  getting rid of pimples and black heads with the tools which have  various forms and sizes.

Directs the steam to the skin continuously for 5 minutes with eyes covered and sometimes it can be accompanied with pure oxygen to kill facial bacteria, which makes the skin healthier and youth.

High frequency electropathy:

This Supplement helps in the treatment of acne, as it reaches the deep layers of the skin and can generate heat within the tissue and increase blood flow which increases with the arrival of proper nutrition to the skin and get rid of toxic substance.

Spot remover:

This arm reduces the size of the spots in the face after  direct contact with  the skin from 5 to 10 seconds.


it is stronger than  usual ultrasound and has the advantage of distribution on the skin is an excellent cross and longitudinal sections.

it helps in performing massage to the skin and strengthen the circulation and facilitate the improvement of cellular metabolism and absorption of nutrients.

It also works to get rid of old cells and decrease much of the surface wrinkles.


Used to make a deep massage of the epidermis and to get rid of layers of dead skin and flush toxins from the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Brushes are attached to the arm so it can move in  all directions and  we can control the speed.

deep massage helps to decrease facial fatigue and and the facial machine usual is accompanied withmany kinds of brushes of different size and shape to suit all parts of the face.

Vaccum and spray:

The vaccum exposes acne to negative pressure, which leads to elimination of dirts and oily secretions and so the skin becomes more  clean and glowing.

Attached spray applies different kinds of medicine( anti inflammation  substances, toner, and distilled water) to the face in the form of droplets which can be easily absorbed.

Wood’s light:

Is a type of ultraviolet light with a magnifier that can distinguish between pathological cases and various skin diseases and fungal infections.

Magnifying lamp:

Magnifying lamp helps to  examine the skin more clearly for easier examination and diagnosis of skin problems.

One of the most important factors that affect the results of facial sessions and helps the skin to be better  is that if  it is done by doctors, as specialists are able to diagnose special needs of your skin depending on its kind and they can write appropriate medical prescriptions you need.

i hope you liked the article and please leave your questions and comments if any.

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About the author:

Dr Randa Mohamed Saad

Masters degree in Dermatology, Venereollogy and Andrology- Faculty of medicine- Alexandria University.

Specialist in chemical peel, , laser hair  and aesthetics.

Fellow of Duplin University, Irland.

Founder and publisher of her  page which is becoming one of the largest, and fastest growing skin care and   pages on the social networks


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