Skin Hyperpigmentation


Skin Hyperpigmentation

.Hyper pigmentation of the skin is one of the main cosmetic problems that faces girls at different ages

And that’s why I chosed it to be the first article in our cosmetic articles series and it aims at pointing to the causes ,  prevention and treatment of hyper pigmentation

Causes of hyper pigmentation

 One of the most important causes of body hyper pigmentation , maily the arm pits and bikini area, is the continuous friction in these areas; which causes inflammation , maily in summer and ends in darkening of the skin after that

 Sweat and daily secretions

 Wrong techniques of hair removal, as shaving, results in irritation of the skin and folliculitis which leads to formation of dark spots

 Non medicated deodorants react with the skin and causes under arms hyperpigmentation

 Bad personal hygiene

Usage of underwears which contain synthetic materials

 Over weight

 The delay in treatment

Treatment of hyperpigmentation 


Routine hair removal with suitable techniques and not to use shaving

Daily changes of underwear

Keep bikini area dry and use cotton towels to clean it

Usage of cotton underwears

Doctor consultation before using any topical treatments

Weight reduction


Treatment of hyprpigmentation

Treatment differs from one case to another and depends on many factors like the degree of hyper pigmentation and if there is an accompanying inflammation

 Whitening creams with daily use for 4 to 6 weeks

There is a lot of different kinds of whitening creams in the market and they depend on different mechanisms to treat dark  skin color

The most common chemical materials included in these creams include hydroquinon, kojic acid, antibiotic, antifungals and steroids

 Whitening mixtures which are used for more advanced cases and for patients who are going to get married soon and so they need fast results

  Chemical peeling is one the most effective and cheapest techniques for getting rid of dark areas and this is the cause of its universal popularity

Chemical peel depth can be superficial, medium or deep in depth

For more details about chemical peel u can click on this link


Laser is the most advanced technique in treatment of skin hyperpigmentation . in addition to that laser decreases the hair growth in treatment areas and this makes the results much better

To read more about cosmetic uses of laser click on this link

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion results in better skin tone and decreased dark spots in addition to removal of dead superficial cells

Sessions could be weekly or biweekly

For more details click on this link


Natural mixtures

I hope you like the article and please leave your comments and questions and I will answer all of it and if you have any suggestions about  the coming article please write it

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